Product description

Bonus Certificate (1320)


The Bonus Certificate is a product for Investors who expect the Underlying to increase in value, but at the same time prefer to have a conditional protection to small drops in value. If the Kick-Out Level is touched at least once during the life of the product then the protection will cease to apply and the Redemption value will be equal to the value of the Underlying at Expiry. If the Kick-Out Level is not touched during the life of the product, the investor will receive a value equivalent to the Strike Price (Bonus Level) or higher. In case of a sharp rise in the Underlying, the Investors participation will be unlimited.

Market Expectation

Rising market trend.


Unlimited, but at least predetermined redemption amount if underlying never touches or falls below kick-out level prior to expiry.


Loss of capital protection if kick-out level touched; delivery of underlying or cash settlement of equivalent value of underlying on expiry; loss potential equivalent to that of direct investment in underlying.

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Bonus Certificate
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