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  • Equita is an option based investment strategy (the "Investment Strategy") for investors with a moderate to high risk tolerance who seek enhanced returns in a stable to slightly rising equity market.
  • Yield potential in sideways markets considerably higher. On the other hand, the investor forfeits the ability to benefit from the underlying's maximum yield potential.
  • Since you are directly holding the Underlying stocks you continue to be fully exposed to the downside risk of the Underlying for the lifetime of the Investment Strategy.
Equita product table caption
Product Type Market Expectation Profit Risk
Equita Yield
Flat or slightly rising market trend Upfront yield payment (premium) in any scenario and potential "target sale" of the underlying at the cap level. Investors upside potential is therefore limited if the underlying closes at or above cap price on expiration date. Full risk of stock ownership remains with investor (no capital protection). Furthermore, the underlying has to be pledged to cover for the potential obligation to deliver the stock position on the expiration date. Stock position cannot be accessed as long as the strategy is active.

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