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Equity Investor Marketplace is a display window to the large universe of equity tailor-made structured products offered by UBS in Switzerland. It is showing actual, indicative live pricing - introducing a new level of price transparency to the market.

The service may help you design your own personal product, starting at a minimum investment amount of CHF 10,000. You are able to define your preference by selecting risk parameters such as barrier, strike and tenor / maturity. Your client advisor can issue such products on-line on the Equity Investor Tool, including the immediate generation of multi-language termsheets (English, German, French, Italian).

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Equity Investor Marketplace covers the most popular product types offered in Switzerland:

  • GOAL (Reverse Convertible - 1220)
  • Kick-in GOAL (Barrier Reverse Convertible - 1230)
  • Worst of Kick-in GOAL (Worst of Barrier Reverse Convertible - 1230)
  • BLOC (Discount Certificate - 1200)
  • BLOC + (Barrier Discount Certificate - 1210)
  • PERLES Plus (Bonus Certificate - 1320)

Investment Strategies
Exclusive for UBS clients Equita, for more information www.ubs.com/equita

UBS Equity Investor has been in the market for over 10 years and has issued over 200,000 individual products.

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