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Welcome to a new level of price transparency

Sound investment decisions require access to relevant price information. Equity Investor Marketplace provides you with an unprecedented insight into live, indicative pricing on the most popular structured products and Equita.

Design your own structured product - together with your client advisor - and we will create it, starting at investment amounts of CHF 10,000.


Get an instant overview of indicative live yields for your tailor made structured products and options.


Choose from over 450 underlyings (including single stocks, indices and baskets).


Get an overview of available product categories available on Equity Investor.

We offer you

Price transparency
Equity Investor Marketplace hands you the power to compare prices of your choice.
Capture the opportunity and issue your structured product anytime during market hours.
Perfect fit
The wide range of underlyings and maturities gives you the ability to match your market expectation and requirement. Find the solution that suits your needs.
No waiting required - get your product on demand; a product can be issued in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

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